Let me tell you a bit about  great artist, Raheem Saladeen Johnson is a self taught artist born and raised in West Philadelphia. His passion for art began prior to attending Kindergarden… as he says, “My inspiration comes from a place so deep within that the only way to express it is though art” after that phrase …I had a deep desire to have a peace of art by him which can represent the LOVE between me and my children. My idea was be able to carry that peace of art with me. New York is a wonderful city that we can always meet everyone and easy to communicate. READ MORE


From celebs to every fashionista and beyond  that is part of the scene in every  big city, King Saladeen seems to be the hippest artist of choice these days!!! From his Art Basel Show in Miami this past December atLou La Vie, to A’s for Jay’s, to his solo show this month in Soho, Raheem Saladeen Johnson is making quite a splash with his fans and critics!!! One of his most talked about works of art is his over the top FIERCE Bugatti interior work and his flawless Rennen Rims commission, and his female clientele are going crazy for his... READ MORE


There’s nothing easy about being a professional artist.  Like, nothing at all.  The task of mastering your craft and figuring out how to sell it, is the never-ending plight of the artist.  Yet some do better than others.  Of these individuals stands Raheem Johnson, better known as King Saladeen of Saladeen Art Group. Saladeen is from West Philadelphia.  He grew up in an environment that was much more likely to produce a repeat offender than a  successful artist, yet somehow his talents afforded him a different path. Today, Saladeen... READ MORE


Raheem Saladeen Johnson is a self taught artist born and raised in West Philadelphia. His passion for art began prior to attending kindergarten when he would create drawings for his mother and the walls in his room. With limited outlets for art, graffiti and murals were the applications that existed in the inner city. Sports, especially basketball became a constructive activity and one that Raheem excelled in. Raheem attended University City High School and prep school at International Christian where he would score over 1000 points. Basketball provided the opportunity to travel across the U.S. while playing for elite AAU teams. READ MORE


Next up is artist King Saladeen, who has become one of art’s leading members of the new school. Born Raheem Johnson, his art has been unorthodox in style, delivery and colorways. This young man has establish himself as what we consider potentially the next Bausquiat. His love for canvas and color shows every piece he finishes. He has branded himself by using a cool teddy bear character that seems to show up again and again. Sir Saladeen’s art has featured on many sites and one of his most recent pieces was a artist cover to a Rolls Royce, which when finished was a masterpiece on 20 inch wheels. Art Galleries from... READ MORE



I was lucky enough to get to attend the first solo art show of a very talented east coast painter by the name of Raheem Johnson. Dude comes from Philly and is living out his dream.  I got mad respect for the dude for one day deciding he is going to follow his passion.  A week before this show, he did a show in New York in collab with Def Jam and Russell Peters people.  He is hungry and on the come up so keep a lookout for his work. READ MORE